1. Barely Enough

From the recording Enough EP

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Barely Enough

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Before birth, You were the Son
Before the Earth and far above
There was love You and your Father had
Good enough to heal our bad

And there’s never been a better love
Never a stronger bond
Far beyond the reaching of all romance
Asking us to dance

But I don’t know how You did it
Through the Son-Father Spirit
I just barely believe it’s true
Is barely enough for You?

For You said it’s like the smallest seed
That can grow up the tallest tree
It’s a sea-bound mountain at my command
Without any slight of hand

But I don’t know how to prove it
I’m gonna need more power to move it
I just barely believe it’s true
Is barely enough for You?

In your power and display
Any single word You say can create a universe
Me crying, “Help! My unbelief!”
Barely faith enough to speak
But You let me freely take
The universe You make

So yes, I’ll receive the grace
And the question will be erased

And I won’t know how you did it
But it won’t matter, will it?
You can make a mountain move!
Is barely enough? 
Thank you
Barely is enough for You

Flute - Chloe Scott
Clarinet - Rachel Condry
Oboe - Adrienne Burg
Violin - Alisa Rose
Violin - Philip Brezina
Viola - Darcy Rindt
Cello - Beth Vandervennet
Trumpet - Chris Grady
French Horn - Terrence Perrier
Trombone - Brenden Lai-Tong
Vocals, Guitars, Synth - Todd Haemmerle

Mix - Brian Steckler
Master - Masaki Liu
Engineers - Daniel Craig, Todd Haemmerle, Stephen Beacham
Producer - Todd Haemmerle
Arranger - Todd Haemmerle