1. Drown Me


Two pillars in the sky
The moon and sunshine
The mirror and the source, the same light

The Father and the Son
Bonded by Oxygen
The Wind that stirs the Water so high

This Tidal Wave came to me
I tried to save myself
And never got free
‘Til I said,


“Drown me in Your Water
Fill me with the Source of all life
Drown me in Your Water
I willfully die
Knowing You will bring me back to life”

Breathing on my own
Was like choking on a bone
I was suffocating on my own mind

But You came and filled my heart
You breathed into every part
And I needed you to have my whole life

But the day-to-day buries me
I fight to save myself
And never get free,
‘Til I say,


I believe
You know I believe that though I die,
By your life, I am free!