1. Mountain View


I thought I could figure love out
Take it away, a little vacation
See what it’s about
Secretly gather information

Love found out
It's got my mind working overtime
And I gotta sit down
But I'm not gonna pout
I got a mountain view

It's got me thinkin' again
Just when I was gettin’ a little perspective
But I’m not gonna win
As long as I keep it introspective

Ain’t no sin
I’m just in need of an overhaul
But I’m not gonna pout
I’m gonna look out
I got a mountain view

So what is love about?
Does anyone know? Can anyone answer?
I got so many doubts
I feel like I’m coming to some kind of cancer

But not now
There’s too many beautiful things to find
I just gotta look out
I don't gotta figure em out
I got a mountain view